Brand: Haydon
Product Code: HAY-UPSPSU1612-10A BB
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16 Channel 10A Camera psu complete with Output for Monitor & DVR Providing UPS Facilty for Whole System using 2 x 7AH Batteries. Pk Size 5.

Supports up to 16 Cameras, 21" LCD Monitor & DVR
Provides Backup for 25mins based on 85% unit consumption
Runs in parallel to the mains so no disruption to the supply if the power cuts off.
Surge Protected
Supports 2 x 7AH Batteries (not Included)

Haydon are launching a brand new innovative CCTV power supply complete power system solution

The new UPS model for CCTV installations is a complete solution to provide power and backup power for up to 16 cameras, power for the DVR and also an LCD monitor

Should the power be lost to the system the UPS system provides backup power to the whole CCTV system for a minimum of 25 minutes based on a consumption of the unit of 85%, which in all our field trails and in-house testing covers most DVRs and 21” LCD Monitors on the market

Statistics show that across the UK most customers will only receive power cuts of up to 110 minutes per year in total and most are very short outages so the new UPS system has more than enough system backup for most power failures

One of the key elements to modern DVRs and NVRs are the Hard drives. When the power cuts off and the HD is not properly shut down this can shorten the life of the HD and also if the operating system of the DVR is not shut down correctly this can also damage links in the software

The UPS power supply provides the system with a steady power output as the backup system of the UPS runs in tandem constantly alongside the regular electric input. So when the power cuts off it seamlessly takes over without any pause thus preventing any system damage.

Input AC100-240V,50/60Hz, rated 3Amp mains fuse

DC Output:
Max. 10A output current
16 x 12VDC Outputs
Auto-reset PTC fuse for each output, rated 1.35Amp
Individual LED indicator for each output

AC Output:
Max. 80W power supply
2 x 230VAC Outputs
Output LED indicator

Surge protected
Regulated and filtered
Charging Voltage: 13.8VDC
Maximum Charging current:1A
Charging time:80% capacity at 8 hours
Recommended Battery Size: 12V/7Ah x 2
Battery deep discharge protection
Backup time: over 25 minutes at 85% rated load
Operating Temperature: -10°C to 40°C
Storage Temperature: -20°C to +50°C
Operating Relative Humidity: Up to 95% non condensing
Case type: Metal hinged box, white powder coated
Weight: 5.0kgs
Dimensions: 36cm×33m×9cm(WxHxD)