KPX1000 Digital Internal/External KeyPad c/w prox•Internal/External use only if fitted with Rainshield

Brand: RGL Electronics
Product Code: KPX1000
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Technical specifications

  • Built in proximity reader
  • Uses EM cards or fobs
  • Keypad or proximity
  • 2 Open door modes
  • Internal/External use only if fitted with Rainshield
  • 12VDC
  • Selectable backlit feature
  • Lock and Aux outputs
  • 500 unique users
  • PCB formal coated


  • Stylish design
  • Audio key operation
  • Door bell facility
  • Single or dual modes using Aux output
  • Individually programmable outputs
  • Adjustable output timers on both Lock and Aux
  • Zinc alloy electroplated casing
  • Surface mounted

Dimensions: 120x76x25 (mm)